Built in Hob PH941MSTV(IX) and Slim Hood SL16.1PIX

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  • Kompor Multi Fungsi Gas Tanam 90 Cm
  • 4 Tungku Gas dengan 3 Cincin Api
  • Dilengkapi dengan Vitro Ceramic
  • 60 cm Slim Hood
  • Saringan Alumunium yang aman dicuci
  • Lampu Halogen 2 x 20W
  • Daya Hisap Maksimum: 385 m3/hr
  • Stainless Steel

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  • Performance & Safety
  • 90 Cm Gas Hob/Multi Function Hob
  • 4 Gas Burners with Triple Ring Burner
  • With Vitro Ceramic
  • Dual oval ceramic glass plate
  • Electric Ignition
  • One Hand Electric Ignition
  • Safety Device
  • High Precision Adjustment
  • Aesthetics & Durability
  • Sabaf Burners
  • Matt Enamelled Burner Cap
  • Enamelled Pan Support
  • Wok Adapter
  • Stainless Steel


Ariston offers a wide range of hobs, from gas to glass-ceramic and induction, all characterised by their versatile functions and dimensions – available in 90, 75, 60 and 30 cm options – and their attractive appearance, with a complete range of colours to choose from.


A cooking philosophy translated in a range: professional recipes have finally found a space for expression at home. If you love cooking in an innovative and sophisticated way, matching flavours and ingredients, then the new Ariston hobs have been designed for you.


All Ariston hobs are fitted with the Gas Control device integrated into the burners, a safety system wich stops the flow of gas if the flame is accidentally switched off.


New Ariston hobs do their best to make everything easier. With the one-hand ignition, for example, a simple pressure and turning of the knob lights up and regulates the flame.


TRIPLE CROWN : The special Triple Crown burner makes the most of its power, generating even heat for quick and efficient cooking. Its innovative structure ensures the optimum spread of heat below the pan, reducing preparation times.


All hobs match Ariston's other domestic appliances perfectly, enhancing the personal style of any kitchen and meeting your specific requirements: Ariston even offers hobs with zones dedicated to different types of cooking, such as frying, browning or slow cooking.


Your hob is one of the central elements of your kitchen, the most used and the most important. That's why it’s crucial that your hob blends harmoniously with the style of your kitchen, that it matches your other appliances and that it offers efficient solutions to meet all of your cooking and design needs.


All Ariston Hobs are manufactured using special "It's Green" technolgy and Eco Friendly.
Category Built in Gas & Vitro Ceramic Hob 90Cm
Product Code 70673
Product Model PH941MSTVIX
Description Built in Gas & Vitro Ceramic Hob 90 Cm
Material/Color Stainless Steel
Origin Italy
Brand Ariston
Net Weight (Kg)  N/A
Package Dimension (H x W x D) cm N/A
Product Dimension (H x W x D) cm 3.3 x 87.0 x 51.0
Cut-Out Dimension (H x W x D) cm 3.3 x 83.5 x 47.5
Gross Weight (Kg)  13
Max Power Absorbed/Ampere 7.8 A
Voltage / Frequency 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Power Booster N/A
Direct Flame Yes
Burners 4 Burners, 1 Ceramic
Left Zone Gas (3250 Watt, 1650 Watt)
Center Zone Ceramic (1000 Watt + 800 Watt)
Right Zone Gas (2600 Watt, 1000 Watt)
Gas Type Methane
Power Level N/A
Flexy Zones No
Ignition One Hand
Digital Control N/A
Touch Control N/A
Wok Holder Yes
Number of Pan Support 3
Indicator Yes
Knobs N/A
Control Knobs N/A
Pan Support Material Enamelled
Burners Caps Enamelled
Bevelled / Stainless stell Frame Stainless Steel
Safety Device Flame Failure Device
Glass Thickness N/A
Glass Material Ceramic Glass
Child Lock N/A
Residual Heat Indicator Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
*Specification subject to change without prior notice
No other color in this product

  • General Information & Aesthetics
  • 90 Cm Slim Hood
  • Features & Convenience
  • Working Type: Recirculation/Ducted 
  • Slider Control
  • 2 x 20 Watt Halogen Lamps
  • Performance & Efficiency
  • 3 Speeds
  • Carbon Filter
  • 3 Self Supporting Aluminium Filters
  • Dishwasher Friendly Filters
  • Max Extraction Power: 385 m3/hr
  • Maximum Noise Level 52 dBA
  • Air Outlet Diameter 120 mm
  • No Return Air Flow Flap
  • Power/Voltage: 200 Watt / 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Stainless Steel


A breath of fresh air in the kitchen. Ariston's researchers have come up with a cooker hood that puts the pleasure back into creative cooking, because it absorbs odours without making a noise.


Finding the right cooker hood for your kitchen and your needs is never a problem, because Ariston offers a comprehensive range of filtering and extractor hoods. When choosing your cooker hood, it's important to remember three basic principles for obtaining the best results and getting rid of unwanted smoke and vapour.


There are two different types of cooker hoods: the ducted hood for external evacuation and the recirculation hood for internal filtering. The first type is the most efficient, as it effectively purifies the air, but this option does require a direct external outlet. The filter hood, in contrast, can be installed anywhere, and extracts steam and odours which rise from the hob, purifying them using a series of filters before rereleasing them into the environment. As long as the filters are regularly replaced, these hoods ensure excellent results.


You can change the grease filter in a matter of seconds and wash it in the dishwasher The odour filter is quick and easy to change, and you should change it every 160 hours of use, regardless of the speed you run it at Making correct use of your cooker hood reduces its noise levels: simply follow a few simple steps, switch on the hood at its slowest speed when you start cooking, increase the speed when steam and smoke intensify, then switch it back to minimum and keep it running for 5 minutes after you've finished cooking.


Centre the hood over the hob Leave a minimum distance between hood and hob of 65 cm for electric hobs and 70 cm for gas hobs (you are advised not to exceed 75 cm) Outlet pipe as direct as possible and with the same diameter as the flange (moving the air column of the extraction duct would cause a loss of efficiency that would then be compensated for by higher hood power) Fit the hood away from air currents Do not route the extracted air into the same duct used for expelling fumes from other appliances.


For best performance, cooker hood power must be 10 times the volume of the kitchen. This principle is governed by the formula: (width x length x depth) x 10 air changes per hour = hood suction power.


The dimensions of the hood you choose should always be equal to or greater than the dimensions of the hob.


Ariston hoods don't just keep the noise down, they give you 4 sound levels to choose from too: with the lightest touch, you can turn the sound down to minimum (as low as 35 dB(A) at minimum speed). So if you need quiet, you can get it instantly whenever you like.


Ariston cooker hoods feature user-friendly controls for maximum ease of use. Operating your Ariston cooker hood is always easy, whether you choose mechanical switchgear, Soft keys or the back-lit Touch Controls. By leaving the surfaces of the unit entirely uninterrupted, Touch Controls enhance elegance and facilitate cleaning.


Ariston cooker hoods offer warm lighting that illuminates the entire hob evenly, to facilitate food preparation and cooking. LEDs are particularly effective: not only do they light up the entire surface without shadows, they deliver energy savings of up to 90% and last 10 times longer than conventional lamps.


The quality, technology and aesthetics of Ariston’s hoods are the result of the most innovative know-how and the most elegant and carefully thought up designs, brought together in the highest quality materials. Ariston’s hoods bring together the purity of glass and the refined style of steel, for a simple look which coordinates easily with your other appliances.


Ariston always considers energy saving as a fundamental deal for the environmental protection. The assumption of latest technologies permits to monitor continuously the environmental impact, all through the production chain, reducing the consumption of electric energy, natural gas and water and decreasing the CO 2 emission and the amount of waste generated during different stages of production.
Origin Italy
Category Slim Hood 60 Cm
Product Code 869990300900
Product Model SL16.1PIX
Description Slim Hood 60 Cm
Material/Color Stainless Steel
Energy Class N/A
Brand Ariston
Cut-Out Dimension (H x W x D) cm N/A
Package Dimension (H x W x D) cm 15.2 x 61 8 x 54.8
Product Dimension (H x W x D) cm 13.25 x 60.0 x 51.3
Net Weight (Kg)  5.9
Gross Weight (Kg)  6.6
Grease Filter 3 Self Supporting Aluminium Filters, Dishwasher Safe
Charcoal Filter Yes
Washable Grease Filter Yes
Air Outlet Diameter (mm) 120
Max Power Absorbed/Ampere 200 Watt
Speed 1
Voltage / Frequency 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Extraction Power (m3/Hr) 385
Turbo Booster N/A
Extraction System Recirculation and Ducted Type
Noise Level (dBA) 52 dBA
Motor 3
Control Slider
Lamps 2 x 20 Watt Halogen
Timer N/A
Digital Display N/A
Knobs / Buttons Slider
Filter saturation Indicator N/A
No Return Air Flow Flap Yes
Auto Shut Off N/A
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
*Specification subject to change without prior notice
No other color in this product

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