Wildlife Series™ 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Moose Griddle

Lodge Cast Iron cookware made in the United States made of pure cast iron. Strong, durable and provides even and consistent heat distribution and retention. More than 100 years of consistently producing the best quality Cast Iron products.

Rp. 825.000
Rp. 618.750


Rp. 206.250
3 Month
Rp. 103.125
6 Month
Rp. 51.563
12 Month

Base Material = Cast Iron / Pure Cast Iron
Details Size = Length: 40,31 cm, Width: 26,97 cm, Height: 3,81 cm, Diameter: 27 cm

How to care for Lodge Cast Iron:

- Do not use for ingredients that contain high acids (tomatoes, oranges, vinegar, etc.) in the initial use, about 4 or 5 times cooking.

- After finishing cooking, wash the Lodge Cast Iron, dry it perfectly with a clean cloth or tissue.
Once completely dry, apply a small amount of oil (can use different types of oil) all over the inside of the Lodge Cast Iron, then heat it briefly in the oven. This section is intended to keep Lodge Cast Iron safe from rust and ready for re-storage. This treatment can be done if you will keep / not use Lodge Cast Iron for more than 3 days.

Made in USA

Our story begins in 1877 when Joseph Lodge moved to South Pittsburg, Tennessee. As a fifth-generation, family-owned company, our founder's legacy of quality cookware and innovation continues to this day.

Brutally tough for decades of cooking

Making cast iron cookware is just plain cool! We pour a mix of molten iron and steel into sand molds to create solid, durable pieces of cookware that will last for generations.

For all your stove types

At home in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over the campfire.
Brand Lodge
Origin USA
Color Black
Product Model
Product Code L9OGWLMO
Category Grill
Gross Weight (Kg) N/A
Net Weight (Kg) N/A
Product Dimension (H x W X D) Cm N/A
Package Dimension (H x W X D) Cm N/A
Thermospot Sensor N/A
Induction Support N/A
Composite Thick Bottom N/A
Material N/A
Easy Pouring N/A
Glass Cover N/A
Non Stick Coating N/A
Recyclable Material N/A
Glass Cover Material N/A
Handle Material N/A
Manufacturer Warranty
*Specification subject to change without prior notice
No other color in this product

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