Professional Cooker 120 Cm

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  • 120 Cm, 6 Gas Brass Burners
  • Teppanyaki and Electric Double Oven
  • All burners with electric ignition and equipped with safety device
  • 2 x 69 L oven capacity
  • 3 layers removable glass oven door for safety and easy maintenance
  • Metal Knobs with high precision adjustment
  • Oven Temperature 50℃-250℃

Rp. 245.100.000


Rp. 81.700.000
3 Month
Rp. 40.850.000
6 Month
Rp. 20.425.000
12 Month
  • Hob
  • 6 Gas Brass Burners
  • Teppanyaki and Electric Double Oven
  • Electric ignition on hob
  • Safety device on hob
  • Cast iron pan support 
  • Oven
  • Oven Temperature 50℃-250℃
  • Oven capacity 2 x 69 L
  • Electric Oven and Grill
  • Triple layer glass door for safety and convenience
  • Removable oven door for easy maintenance
  • Oven lamp
  • Aesthetics and Accessories
  • One hand ignition
  • Dishwarmer compartment
  • Adjustable leg
  • Stainless Steel/Black, Vino, Cream
  • Power/Voltage
  • 26 A / 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
Product Code
Product Model
Package Dimension (H x W x D) cm N/A
Product Dimension (H x W x D) cm N/A
Net Weight (Kg)  N/A
Gross Weight (Kg)  N/A
Center Zone N/A
Burners N/A
Left Zone N/A
Right Zone N/A
Gas Type N/A
Grill (oven top flame) N/A
Oven (oven bottom flame) N/A
Cooking Probe N/A
Number of Cooking Program N/A
Turnspit / Rotisserie N/A
Fan Assited Oven N/A
Oven Capacity N/A
Max Power Absorbed/Ampere N/A
Voltage / Frequency N/A
Ignition System N/A
Simultaneously Flame on Oven and Grill N/A
Digital Control N/A
Oven Light N/A
Cleaning N/A
Removable Oven Door N/A
Timer N/A
Oven Tray N/A
Wok Holder N/A
Ignition N/A
Control Knobs N/A
Gas Bottle Compartment N/A
Oven Door N/A
Knobs N/A
Pan Support N/A
Burners Caps N/A
Dishwarmer Compartment N/A
Central Pan Support N/A
Top Cover N/A
Adjustable Leg N/A
Toe Kick Accessories N/A
Safety Device N/A
Thermostat N/A
Closed Door Grilling System N/A
Manufacturer Warranty
*Specification subject to change without prior notice
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