Commercial Coffee Machine Double Group
PL2SVH2 Giulietta

Product status : Pre Order
  • Commercial automatic espresso machine
  • 2 x E61 Group Head and 2 x steam wands
  • 1 multi directional water wand
  • Volumetric control panel for coffee dosing
  • Programmation of automatic washing cycles
  • Programmable pre infusion on all doses
  • Mug friendly
  • Double manometer for coffee/steam pressure

Rp. 44.250.000
Rp. 39.825.000


Rp. 13.275.000
3 Month
Rp. 6.637.500
6 Month
Rp. 3.318.750
12 Month
  • 10 ltr copper boiler
  • 2 groups and chrome taps NSF approved
  • 2 x 0.4 ltr heat exchangers, with front injectors
  • 1 Connection to water supply with direct discharge
  • Group heating through thermo syphonic circulation
  • Rotary Pump
  • Automatic boiler level control and heating phase
  • Appliance body in stainless steel: front and back panel mirror polished, brush lateral panels
  • Adjustable feet
  • Stainless steel water tray complete with self cleaning grate
  • It delivers 4 espresso/minute/group, 2 coffee/minute/group, 60 cl/minute of hot water
  • Cup waremer with cup holder
  • Boiler heating element: 2800W
  • Rotary pump motor: 150W
  • Dimension: 58x45x49cm
  • Voltage: 220-240V/50-60Hz
  • Weight 44 Kg
  • Delivered with: 1 cup and 2 cups complete filter holders, blind filter and tamper
Material/Color Stainless steel
Origin Italy
Category Commercial Coffee Machine Double Group
Product Code PL2SVH2 Giulietta
Product Model PL2SVH2 Giulietta
Brand Lelit
Description Commercial Coffee Machine Double Group
Product Dimension (H x W x D) cm 49 x 45 x 58
Package Dimension (H x W x D) cm 74 x 59 x 62
Net Weight (Kg) 44
Gross Weight (Kg) 56.4
Water Tank Capacity Direct connection to tap
Water Supply Direct connection to tap
Coffee/Water/Steam Pump 15 Bar
Pump Type Rotary pump 150W
Boilers Double
Voltage / Frequency 220-240V/50-60Hz
Max Power / Watt 2800W
Group Head Type E61 Group Head x 2
Pre Infused System Yes
Boiler Material Copper
Boiler Capacity 10 ltr
Boiler with Heat Exchanger Yes, double heat exchangers x 0.4 ltr each
Steam Boiler Heating Power NA
Coffee Boiler Heating Element 2800W
PID Control Boiler Yes
Bean Hopper Capacity NA
Built in Grinder NA
Built in Tamper NA
Accessories 1 cup and 2 cups complete filter holders, blind filter and tamper
Steam For Cappucino/Latte Yes, 2 x multi directional
Hot Water Outlet Yes, multi directional
Manometer Yes, double manometer
LCD Display NA
Removable Water Tray Yes
Thermometer Yes
Cup Warmer Yes
Coffee Dose Programming Yes
Wooden Portafilters/Lever NA
Barometer Yes
Piping Material Copper pipe
Adjustable Non slip Feet Yes
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
*Specification subject to change without prior notice
No other color in this product

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